Live Reports: Wetpixel/Under the Jungle Cenote Workshop

Day 6

As discussed previously, the last two days of the workshop allows the participants to return to sites they have visited and practice techniques or craft particular images. The provision of 1:1 guides means that participants can all visit different sites if the wish, in order to maximize their opportunities.

I joined Erica and Rob, who, along with their guides Vince and Lily had decided to go and shoot the amazing sunbeams in Cenotes Ponderosa and Tajma Ha. The former has the best light earlier in the day, so we decided to visit there first. Upon arriving we discovered that a vacuum cap had been left behind, so we elected to do 4 individual dives at Ponderosa, with the cap being swapped between dives.

Image by Rob Giersch, Cenote Ponderosa

One of the goals of the dives was to use “butt lighting.” This is an off camera lighting technique in which a diver “hides” behind the model, shining a powerful video light forward. This creates a pleasing halo of light around the model.

Using a combination of this technique, on camera strobes and the beautiful ambient light produced some amazing images.

We also wanted to shoot the amazing sunbeams at Ponderosa.

Tom and Adam hosted a question and answer session, reviewing the week’s learning points and adding additional detail where requested.

The image review was somewhat different, as we had bene to different sites!

Image by Caroline Baine, Cenote Nohoch

Image byRob Giersch, Cenote Ponderosa

Image by Erica Watson, Cenote Ponderosa

Image by RC, Cenote Tac Bi Ha

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