Mini review: Inon E.V. dial labels

There is a comment by vocalist Ian Gillan on Deep Purple’s live album Made in Japan when he asks “could we have everything louder than everything else?” For a long time, owners of Inon’s Z240 and D-2000 strobes have had the option of switching their strobes output not just to level 10, but to 11, perhaps a “little brighter than everything else?”

More seriously, the markings on these strobes have been legendary in their difficulty in figuring out what they mean. Back in February, Inon launched a poll on their Facebook page for alternative designs for these and have just released a new decal that can be fitted to the Exposure Value (E.V.) dial that aims to simplify them.

It has a ring that is graduated with half power increments from -0.5 to -6. The ring is luminous, and so will work also better in low light.

The actual power outputs area as follows (all assuming the strobe is in the M (manual) setting on the Main mode switch):

E.V. Control dialFlash outputG.N. Z-240G.N. D-20000

Full power on the Z-240 has a G.N. of 24 and 20 on the D-2000.

The new decal is supplied separately to the strobe and can simply be stuck over the existing markings. Fitting it is a straightforward, simple process.

In use, it definitely is simpler than the old “darken” and “lighten” instructions. The scale is easier to read and compatible (as the pictures show) with cold water accessory knob extenders. For those of us with eyesight that is not as good as it once was, the new scale is much clearer and easier to read. I don’t usually need corrective lenses underwater, but have found that the older scales did take some peering at.

I must admit that I do miss the wry smile that I always felt when I turned my strobes up to 11!

Inon are shipping now, please contact your local dealer for availability and price information.

FTC disclosure: Inon sent the new labels to the reviewer free of charge.