National Geographic outs shark image hoax

Shark hoax on Wetpixel

A digitally manipulated image of a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) apparently breaching is the subject of an elaborate hoax. An individual going by the name of Bob Burton, is claiming to be a National Geographic magazine’s “chief” photographer and that the image is National Geographic’s “photo of the year”. National Geographic denies that Burton is an employee and states that they do not award a “photo of the year”.

Snopes has expanded the investigation somewhat, and it would seem that this image and others similar have been created by a Russian 3D graphic artist called “Alexyz3d”. This image and several similar are on his Shutterstock profile. At this point it is unknown who “Bob Burton” may be and why he is claiming any linkage to National Geographic.

Shark hoax on Wetpixel

It perhaps is a further reminder that not all we see on social media is in fact the truth!

Image from Shutterstock.