Nauticam ships housing for RED Komodo

Nauticam is now shipping its housing for the RED Komodo 6K digital cinema camera. It offers support for the RED EF to EOS R lens adaptor via the N120 port system and with an adaptor, can be used with cinema lenses. It also allows operators to view the camera’s built in monitor or a Atomos Shinobi monitor via an optional back. Supported batteries include Canon BP series and both SDI output and ethernet control/output are possible.

The Nauticam Komodo housing is shipping now, priced at $8,188.

From Nauticam


Nauticam Komodo Housing for RED Komodo 6K

SKU # 16116
$8,188.00 (Depending on housing back)

Komodo is RED’s smallest and most affordable camera to date. With 6K resolution, 16 stops of dynamic range, and global shutter Komodo packs an incredible amount of power in the palm of your hand. When paired with the Nauticam housing, an easy to use and travel friendly cinema system is created.


(16116 Standard Housing)
* 254mm (W) x 158mm(H) x 246mm(D)
(16118 Housing with Shinobi Back)
* 254mm (W) x 158mm (H) x 324mm(D)
Weight in Air
(16116 Standard Housing)
* 4.0 kg
(16118 Housing with Shinobi Back)
* 4.9kg
Weight in Water (incl. camera and battery)
Depth Rating
* 80m
Port Opening
N120 Cinema



The Komodo camera features a 6K Super 35 sensor with up to 16 stops of dynamic range. R3D files (REDCODE RAW) can be recorded directly to CFast 2.0 cards, eliminating the need for expensive proprietary media. It also features Canon’s new RF mount with full support of the Canon EF to EOS R lens adaptor allowing a wide variety of focal lengths to be used. Komodo is RED’s smallest form-factor and most economically priced camera to-date. The feature set is clearly aimed at those requiring professional level specs in a travel-friendly package, which accurately describes the majority of underwater filmmakers.

Key Camera Specifications:

Recording Formats:


The Nauticam Komodo housing is officially RED APPROVED. The housing is engineered in a similar fashion to previous Epic LT and DSMC2 LT housings, providing the most compact and travel friendly system possible. Komodo offers seamless integration with DSLR lenses and the same N120 port system used in Nauticam DSLR and Cinema systems. Enjoy unmatched user friendly setup and intuitive operation including tool-less setup and tear down in minutes. Batteries can be swapped without ever removing the camera from the housing, and lens changes can be accomplished in seconds.

The Nauticam Komodo housing uses the N120 Cinema port system, shared with Nauticam’s other N120 platform cameras which allows for easy transition to the Nauticam Komodo from other N120 Nauticam systems. The N120 system also provides access to Nauticam’s line of professional premium optics such as the WACP-1/2 and SMC-1/2.

The housing also features adjustable handles with easy access to the cinema style zoom and focus knobs. On top of the housing is a 1/4”-20 cheese plate which allows for a wide variety of accessory mounting points.

The Nauticam Komodo is also backed by Nauticam’s 2 year warranty.


The Komodo features a Canon RF lens mount, but currently RED is only offering support of Canon EF lenses. The Nauticam Komodo housing offers full support of the Canon EF to EOS R Adaptor along with the Canon EF to EOS R Adaptor with Variable ND Filter. The left side of the housing features an easily accessible command wheel for smooth ND changes. Once RED releases RF lens support, the Nauticam Komodo housing will be ready and fully compatible. Regardless of EF or RF lens selection, changing lenses is quick, easy and doesn’t require any tools. Note that when changing between RF and EF lenses, the camera must be removed from the housing to remove or install the RF to EF adapter. Nauticam is constantly testing new lenses to provide optimized port and extension combinations. Large cinema-styled control wheels on the housing, located within easy reach of the handles, provide precise manual focus and zoom control with supported lenses when used with the corresponding lens gear set.

Not being limited to using DSLR lenses is crucial for cinema systems and the Nauticam Komodo housing, when used with the 16410 N120 to N200 Port Adapter can support the use of Cinema Lenses and the associated N200 Port System. Installation is quick, easy and requires no tools allowing seamless lens switching in the field - even when changing between DSLR and Cinema lenses.


The Komodo has a built-in monitor on top of the camera. The Nauticam Komodo does feature a large window for using the Komodo’s built in monitor to be used for an extremely streamlined solution.

If an additional monitoring options in requires, the Atomos Shinobi SDI monitor is an ideal lightweight monitoring solution for the RED Komodo. The Shinobi Monitor Back option Komodo Housing supports the use of the Atomos Shinobi SDI monitor inside rear of the housing allowing the monitor to be viewed by the camera operator from a natural filming position. The monitor back features control buttons for the on-screen buttons of the Shinobi.


The Atomos Shinobi SDI monitor can also be mounted in the external Nauticam NA-Shinobi-S housing and connected via SDI bulkheads and cables allowing greater flexibility when positioning the monitor on the Nauticam Komodo housing.


Required accessories for SDI Cable System

Recommended monitor housings:


The system supports Canon BP- batteries and the housing will fit up to two Canon BP-975 batteries with the standard housing back. When using the Shinobi Monitor Back, dual BP-955 can be used. Swapping batteries in as simple as opening the housing as the camera does not need to be removed to access the batteries.


While the Nauticam Komodo housing is engineered to allow for full control by the operator, it also supports an ethernet surface feed in 5m (pole cam) and 45m (studio) lengths. Within the housing, there is space to install a small ethernet router which would allow for full control of the camera at the surface through the RedControl App.

Recommended Ethernet Cables:


The Nauticam Komodo housing features Nauticam’s field-tested Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System that provides constant updates on the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. By drawing a slight vacuum inside the housing using a reliable and compact manual hand-pump, the system is able to insure water-tightness before entering the water as well as throughout the dive. A simple color-coded LED lighting system, easily visible at the rear of the housing lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur. The Nauticam system is temperature compensated, eliminating false alarms caused by a change in outside temperature, or from a camera heating up on an action packed dive.


The Komodo housing features Nauticam’s signature port locking system. Ports can be easily installed and securely locked in place. The housing will support both RF and EF mount lenses through the N120 Port System.


The Nauticam Komodo housing features oversized mechanical zoom and focus knobs with erasable surfaces for focus/zoom position marks. The internal gearing is moved away quickly via a small external lever to allow removal of the camera or lens without disruption of focus/zoom gear alignment.


Quickly switch between optional tripod legs or skids with four integrated attachment points for either 1” ball mounts for tripod legs or skids. 1” ball mounts can also be attached to the skids for ultimate flexibility.


The trim weights (sold separately) can be moved independently along the length of the skids and additional mounting points are featured on the housing itself to trim the housing to the shooter’s exact needs.


The Komodo housing supports dual Canon BP style batteries and the camera does not need to be removed for access when changing batteries.


The Komodo housing is also available in a Monitor Back configuration that supports the mounting of an Atomos Shinobi SDI Monitor in the rear of the housing without reducing the streamlined profile of the system.


What’s In The Box:

PDF Manual Download for Nauticam Komodo Coming Soon

Dimensional Drawing (PDF)

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