Nauticam ships MWL-1 ultra wide conversion lens

Nauticam is shipping their MWL-1 conversion lens. This water contact lens is designed to offer a 150° field of view when used with a 60mm macro lens on a full frame camera. It can focus from the lens’ front element to infinity and can be attached via either an M67 flip mount or a bayonet fitting to a flat macro port.

The MWL-1 is shipping now, priced at $1,850.

Introducing MWL-1

Fisheye Conversion Lens for 60mm (FF Equivalent) Macro Lenses

The Nauticam MWL-1 is a revolutionary concept! It is a wet-mounted ultra wide lens (meaning it can be attached and removed underwater) designed to be used with a 60mm full-frame equivalent macro lens that results in an ultra-wide 150º field of view. The MWL-1 can focus from the lens’ front element to infinity. Ultra wide angle and macro perspectives are now available on the same dive — even with full frame DSLR systems.

Unlock a Different Perspective

Use the unique MWL-1 wet lens to either capture wide angle scenics on a macro dive or to capture impactful close focus wide angle images of macro subjects.

More images from MWL-1 are available here on our blog.

Frogfish photographed with a 60mm macro lens and MWL-1

Green turtle photographed using 60mm macro lens and MWL-1

Jellyfish photographed with MWL-1 (courtesy of Yoshi Hirata)

Mounting Options

The MWL-1 can be mounted to supported M67 threaded ports using the Nauticam Bayonet Mounting System or with either a single or dual flip mount.

MWL-1 mounted with the Nauticam Bayonet Mount System. The M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter (83213) is included with the MWL-1.

MWL-1 mounted using the optional M67 Flip Holder for MWL-1 (86221)

MWL-1 and SMC-2 mounted using optional Dual Flip Holder for MWL-1 (86222). True wide angle and super macro on the same dive!

Technical Specifications

Model Number: 86201
Retail Price (USD): $1,850

What’s In The Box?

Recommended Accessories:


The MWL-1 achieves optimal results at higher apertures (F16 and higher) on Full Frame Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED and APS-C Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G DX lenses.

For the full range of compatible lenses and ports please consult the Port Chart.

More information is available from Nauticam.

About Nauticam:

Nauticam is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative and ergonomic imaging solutions. Founded in 2009 by Edward Lai, an underwater photographer with two decades of experience making precision injection molds, Nauticam has continued to raise the bar with every new model release. Nauticam’s goal is to provide the absolute best user experience possible. Dealer inquiries are welcome!

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