New Series: Travel planning for amazing imagery

We are all to some extent finding that our underwater imaging plans have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends and loved ones are contracting this awful disease, going into quarantine and we are all undertaking some form of social distancing. Our hearts go out to those that are personally affected by this disease. In addition to the human toll, it is having a profound effect on the global diving industry, with a particularly acute impact on the resorts, dive boats, and operators that we all depend upon, which are often located in economically vulnerable parts of the world.

Many of us have been rendered temporarily redundant by the crisis, and our travel plans have been adversely affected. Perhaps this is a good time to start doing some serious forward planning for the time when we will all be able to travel and dive again. This has the dual benefit of giving us something productive and inspiring to accomplish while also reassuring the operators that once we are able, we will return to them and help support their economic recovery.

With this in mind, Wetpixel has reached out to solicit travel and trip planning tips from a wide variety of Wetpixel’s contributors and friends. Please stay tuned for a series of trip planning themed articles over the next few weeks!

  1. Chasing the Dream by Allison Vitsky Sallmon