Nexus D100 Housing

These are various pictures of the housing compared to the Sea and Sea DX100 housing. The dome port is the 170mm plastic port, but Nexus makes a glass dome and a 9" dome as well. I also purchased a smaller dome which you'll see later. Clearly the Nexus will travel well. It is incredibly small and lightweight.

P2120006 P2130030 P2130036
P2130041 P2130044 P2130045

Here are pictures of the housing itself. Most controls are the same a the DX100. It is missing the LCD backlight button, the focus lock lever, the mechanical aperture control, and the bracket button that the DX100 offers. It includes the focus lock control that the DX100 lacks. It's function knob is indexed and includes a camera attachment. Its exposure compensation control is locking so that you can perform that operation one-handed. Both the command and subcommand knobs can be adjusted without moving the hand from the grip. Overall, ergonomics are great with the Nexus, although the grips are a little small for big hands. The Nexus provides two bulkhead mounts for additional cabling and has a superior magnifying eyepiece that includes a lens that attaches to the camera. There is also a window for the LED indicators that are included in the strobe hotshoe adapter. Currently, dual strobes require a dual sync cable caused by a compatibility issue with the D100 and the hotshoe device.

P2130046 P2130050 P2130054
P2130055 P2130060 P2130061
P2130064 P2130065 P2130066
P2130067 P2130071

Here is the housing with the ports and lenses I intend to use. The 60, 105, and 70-180 for macro. Fisheye and 17-35 for WA. The macro setup includes a modular port system. I purchased a small dome for the macro port so that I could get the 60 and 105 to work more like they do with film cameras. It can also be used with a 20mm or 24mm.

P2130075 P2130077 P2130079