Nexus Nikon D2X Housing Images

Our sponsors over at Marine Camera Distributors have sent us 17 images of the Nexus D2X housing from just about every angle you might want to see.  The housings are just reaching dealers, domestically.  Contact Marine Camera for more information.

Information, sent from the manufacturer:

Nexus D2x housing
Weight w/o camera or port. 6-lbs
With camera 9-lbs.
Dimensions w/o port 12.75” wide with handles, 9” high, 5.25” front/back
5 stainless latches
2 Nikonos sync sockets
2 spare ports for remote controls or video out
1 spare gland port for optional zoom or focus control.
Optical finder


On/off, mode, exp compensation, bracket, flash, lock, preview, trash, menu,
multi-image view, lock, enter, ISO, quality, white balance, microphone,
metering pattern, menu mode, shutte release, aperture control, shutter speed
control, focus mode select, SE-l/AF-L, and servo control.
Zoom lens control/manual focus control with gear lock-out.
Optional handle extension for custom fit to your hands.
Multi-screw thread pattern on handles for strobe for attachment
3 1/4x20 screw holes in bottom for extra accessory mounts or tripod mount.
Screw-in port mount for secure port mounting and prevention of leaking.
Wide range of ports for most lenses.

Depth rated 250 feet

Special formulated aluminum casting. No corrosion in salt water.