nju system releases details of Nikonos RS repair options

nju system has released details of additional services that they are offering for Nikonos RS lenses. These include a new replacement front lens glass for the 13mm and an improved RS bayonet mount. nju has also announced that they will repair and service RS lenses converted by any manufacturer.

Press release

Nikonos RS renewed - Front lens replacement for Nikon R-UW AF 13mm Fisheye

In 2012 nju system’s conversion of Nikonos RS lenses for Nikon DSLRs proved a huge success in the underwater photographers’ world. Now we are proud to present new enhancements for the Nikonos RS conversion system.

We have received various requests from customers for repair or replacement of scratched and damaged front lenses after the last original spare part available was sold 5 years ago. The specially treated Nikonos glass broke immediately when trying to polish a minor scratch.

nju system has developed and manufactured a replacement of the original 13 mm front lens and improved the original design. The optical formula stays the same but standard optical BK7 grade glass is used. It is perfectly polish-able (by a skilled technician).

The original 13 mm frontlens is coated on one side only (the water facing front - good for optics but prone to scratches and damage by inappropriate cleaning) nju system’s replacement lens for Nikonos RS 13 mm is coated on both sides with a new thicker type of multi coated layer eliminating reflections to a technical maximum of 99.5 %.

Price for replacement is 1.300 € for lens change only and 1.200 € if lens is sent in for conversion. Speaking of that we have changed our policy of only servicing nju system converted lenses, so all are welcome.

Front lens replacement for Nikon R-UW AF 50 mm Macro The 50 mm is also relatively prone to scratching. Nju system replaces the front glass element of the 50 mm lens with dual coated MC layered BK7 glass.

20-35 mm and 28 mm usually do not need replacement of front lens but all Nikonos lenses need:

Repair/restoration service for Nikonos RS lenses

nju system repairs and restores old and damaged RS lenses. We have repaired fungus on lens, damaged aperture mechanism, partially flooded, even fully flooded lenses. Though spare parts of the Nikonos RS system diminish rapidly we still have piled stock or are able to obtain spare parts from other damaged lens owners.

And nju system has changed the policy of servicing only lenses that are converted/modified by nju system. Users that have modified their Nikonos system elsewhere are welcome.

Nikonos RS housing mounts improved

The RS bayonet now matches the original mount as closely as possible and useful. All adaptors are made of hard-anodized marine grade alloy, no plastic or glue is used. The red colored o-rings are very soft for ease of mounting and slightly thicker for a better seal. Adaptors are equipped with a dust protective plug (when lens is not attached) and spare o-ring.

Readily available in these mounts:

Aquatica. Nauticam N120. nju system SLR. Seacam. Subal type 4 Other mounts are available on request but require customization and additional costs.

Nikonos RS conversion price change

Because of diminishing spare parts for Nikonos we are forced to price up to 980 € for conversion per lens. Price for improved adaptor is 550 €. The conversion of 20-35 mm now includes a change of zoom mechanism o-rings. Email for more information.