OneUW ships diffuser for 160X strobe

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OneUW is now shipping a diffuser for their 160X strobes. It is bayonet mounted and has no effect on the strobe’s color temperature. It ships with a lanyard and a red filter that can be used to avoid spooking shy critters when using the aiming light.

The OneUW diffuser is shipping now, priced at €56.

Press release

New ONEUW Diffuser for ONE160x strobe

Cividale del Friuli, June 30, 2020 – ONEUW Srl is pleased to present its new White Diffuser with Red Filter for ONE160x strobe.

Features and Specification

The new diffuser for ONE160x strobe provides a soft and flattering light by reducing contrast, with wider and uniform coverage.

Its neutral white color does not change the original warm light shade of ONE160x strobe. The circular central hole of diffuser allows the mounting a red filter in order not to disturb sensitive subject to pointing light while macro shooting.

Strobes on Wetpixel

Diffuser attaching and removing is secure and easy thanks to its bayonet mount.

Safety lanyard and macro red filter are included.

Product Code, Pricing and Availability

Cod# 600.100 White Diffuser with Red Filter
The retail price is 56,00 € - VAT, local taxes, and duties excluded.
The new ONEUW Diffuser is shipping now.

For more information please visit www.oneuw.com