OneUW ships Y-Dual Sync cable

OneUW has announced that they are now shipping their Y-Dual Synchro Cable. Available with either N5 or S6 connectors on the housing end, the cables allow users to use fire dual OneUW 160X strobes in i- or eTTL modes. Strobe end connections are S6.

The One UW Y-Dual Synchro Cable is shipping now, priced at €324.

Press release

ONEUW Srl is pleased to present its Y-DUAL SYNCHRO CABLE.

To connect two ONE160x strobes to a housing equipped with a single socket is now available a new dual sync cord which allows interfacing between Nikon or Canon cameras and our strobes. Through the transmission of their digital communication protocols, ONE160x strobes may be used in their full potential, like shooting in i-TTL or E-TTL auto exposure mode.


The straight sync cord to connect on the housing is available with a Nikonos V type plug - signal transmission by 5-pin cables, or S6 type plug - signal transmission by 6-pin cables. The pair of spiral sync cords to connect on the strobes are S6 type plug.

ONEUW synchro cables are manufactured with high-quality multi-wire conductors and special outer coatings, which are particularly flexible and resistant to use in the marine environment. Splitter parts and connectors components are made in anti-corrosion aluminum with hard anodizing. All electrical contacts are gold plated to provide excellent signal transmission and to prevent oxidation.

The rear side of the splitter is threaded to add a ball adapter or a mounting bracket to fasten it to housing. The standard length of a straight sync cord is 25 cm for an easy connection to the housing socket in any position it is located.

Standard Version

Cod# 330.010 Y-Dual Synchro Cable 6pin-S6 2xS6 M6-L25
Cod# 330.020 Y-Dual Synchro Cable 5pin-NV 2xS6 M6-L25

Pricing and Availability

The new strobe ONEUW Y-DUAL SYNCHRO CABLE will be available starting from mid-June, 2020.

The retail prices are 324,00 € - VAT, local taxes and duties excluded.

For more information please visit www.oneuw.com.