Palau Digital Shootout 2006 Daily Webcast

Welcome to the Digital Shootout Palau 2006 daily webcast, by Eric Cheng
The Digital Shootout 2006 is run by Backscatter and Light & Motion,
with support from Wetpixel.com, Sam's Tours, and the Palau Pacific Resort

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Digital Shootout Palau 2006
This year's Digital Shootout is sponsored by Backscatter, Light & Motion, and Wetpixel.com. We are hosted by the Palau Pacific Resort and Sam's Tours.

The Digital Shootout directors are Dan Baldocchi and Berkley White, and the staff this year also includes Jim Watt, Sy Harris , and Wetpixel's Eric Cheng.

Coming up: Digital Shootouts 2007! Details will be posted at thedigitalshootout.com, or you can e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

berkley white in palau. life does not suck.

Splash into the world of underwater digital photography at the fifth annual underwater Digital Shootout. With daily dives and seminars with some of the world's most knowledgeable underwater photographers, you'll be sure to head home with your heads stuffed with new photographic techniques, for both above and below water. We are also hosting a photo contest with over $10,000 in prizes!

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April 3, 2006

As I type this, Berkley White is giving an informative talk about exposure and lighting, where he shows slides entitled "Digital Bummer" (re: sunballs) and talks about how to light the elusive glowing squid and spherical nudibranch. The shootout staff has been here in Palau for a few days now, and we've set up a nice, air-conditioned classroom adjacent to the Palau Pacific Resort's main lobby. Our group of 25 participants is picked up bright and early every morning by dive boats from Sam's Tours, who are proving to be one of the most accommodating, organized, and friendly dive operators I've ever encountered. Manager Dermot Keane and photo pro Kevin Davidson have been amazing in their help with the shootout.

digital shootout staff, ready to serve! we're excited
because Berkley finally bought new booties, sparing us
from the lovely view of his toes we've been graced
with for the past who-knows-how-many years.
unfortunately, staff member sy harris is missing
from this photo.

We have an eager group of participants this year, and are excited for what the coming week will bring. After two days of diving, we're finally settled in and expect to be receiving our first batch of images for the evening slideshow. Stay tuned for the upcoming week! I'll be posting new images when time allows.

Selected Underwater Photos (by Eric Cheng unless otherwise noted)

anemonefish, guarding eggs

hard coral on top of helmet wreck

anemonefish in anemone

dive guide daniel in jellyfish lake

school of black snapper above blue corner

school of jacks above blue corner

anthias at 100' (dexter's wall)

Topside Photos (by Eric Cheng unless otherwise noted)

dinner: early arrivers mel, audrey, sy, dermot, jim,berkley, and dan

group participants get an orientation

SAM of Sam's tours!

berk, dan, and mel

jim watt shoots in the surf during a surface interval

our boat driver, jake, checks out Sy.
his camera, i mean.

berk macgyvers on a diopter with
parts from a soda can

jim watt stuffs brown bags

a nice surface interval stop, no?

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