Palau Digital Shootout 2006 Daily Webcast

Welcome to the Digital Shootout Palau 2006 daily webcast, by Eric Cheng
The Digital Shootout 2006 is run by Backscatter and Light & Motion,
with support from Wetpixel.com, Sam's Tours, and the Palau Pacific Resort

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beach time is fun.

April 8, 2006

Photos only, today.

Selected Underwater Photos by Participants

Mel Betley

Mel Betley

photo: Ellen Blumenfeld

photo: Jane Call

photo: Kim Jameson

photo: Richard McGonegal

photo: Philip Seys

photo: Philip Seys

photo: Michelle Steinberg

photo: Yrjo Trog

photo: Dean Ulven

photo: Dean Ulven

Topside Photos by Eric Cheng

Kathy strolls on the beach at Ulong, which is where the Koror tribe of Survivor Palau lived

Jaxie photographs Catherine, who would like to remind all of us that she is "sweet and juicy."

Sy, Catherine, Kathy, Jim, and Jaxie

Mark Thorpe, at Ulong Island

Hanging out during a surface interval

Polynesian dancing at the Palau Pacific Resort

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