Paralenz ships diving action cam

Paralenz has announced that their diving action cam is now available. It can capture 4K at 30fps and has built in depth filters that utilise an on-board depth sensor to automatically color correct its footage. The same sensor can also add screen overlays. The Paralenz camera is waterproof to 200 meters (656 feet).

The Paralenz Dive Camera can be purchased at www.paralenz.com from the 1 June in North America, Europa, and Australia. Purchase in Asia will be available later this year. The Paralenz dive camera has a retail price of $599.00 (excl. VAT.) and €649.00 (Inc. VAT.)

Press release

World’s First Action Camera for Divers

Paralenz – Built for a purpose!

The world’s first action camera for scuba divers is here. Danish start-up Paralenz has produced a game changer for the underwater action camera market. Designed by divers, developed by divers, built by divers: introducing the new Paralenz Dive Camera – for divers.

The Paralenz Dive Camera will be released on the 1st of June to the North American, European and Australian markets. The combined knowledge of 250 divers from around the world has been put into this unique new piece of dive-tech, and the result is a tough, durable product filled with ground-breaking new features.

We saw the need for an action camera made specifically for diving and decided to ask a lot of divers what they wanted from it. The help, feedback and dedication we received from the dive community all over the world has been astounding, and we hope this product will make a difference to divers across the globe,” says Michael Trøst, CIO at Paralenz.

A depth-controlled color correction facility that eliminates the need for filters, screen overlays displaying current depth and temperature, and easy media sharing and dive logging via the Paralenz Dive App are just a few of the features of the new Paralenz Dive Camera, all combined in a lightweight package with a staggering depth rating of 200 metres – without the need for an extra housing – and capable of recording 4K video at 30fps for over two hours.

These features have already made the Paralenz Dive Camera a favourite of both experts and novices from all walks of diving, from the commercial technical diver to the occasional holiday underwater explorer.

We are very honoured by the way the camera has been welcomed by the dive community so far. The combination of our experience in product development and the knowledge and input of 250 divers from 38 different countries has resulted in a truly unique camera,” says Martin Holmberg, CEO at Paralenz.

Along with the dive community, several international research institutions, universities, TV production companies, videographers and commercial diving organisations have already shown great interest in this very promising new camera. Paralenz received a Red Dot Award in 2017 for the design of their camera.

The Paralenz Team

A passion for design, innovation and product development has been the driving force behind the Paralenz team for more than 15 years. The four entrepreneurs founded the company MOEF A/S in 2001, helping hundreds of clients over the years since then. This passion for creating and developing products, now merged with their shared love of diving, has led to the introduction of the Paralenz Dive Camera – the world’s first truly dedicated action camera for divers.

The Paralenz Dive Camera
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