Podcast: Episode 8 of the Underwater Tribe Series

Podcast on Wetpixel

Wetpixel Moderator, Mike Veitch has released episode 8 of the Underwater Tribe Diving and Adventure Podcast. It features Marianne Nyegaard and Jenny Karmy of the Bali Sunfish organization . Previous podcasts have featured Gray Bevan, Serge Abourjeily, Graham Abbott, Christian Loader, Oli Christen, and Rich Horner among others.

Underwater Tribe Podcast Series

The UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast #008 - (Bali Sunfish

This week in the studio we welcome Marianne Nyegaard and Jenny Karmy of the Bali Sunfish organization. Topics include the process of tagging these massive fish, pattern recognition, and of course the recent re-classification of the species. These largest of bony fish in the world are commonly found in the waters of Bali and are a favourite of underwater photographers. Do you have photos of sunfish from anywhere in the world? Feel free to submit them to www.thebalisunfish.org and contribute to the ongoing research into these bizarre giants of the sea.

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The Underwater Tribe Podcast

Mike and Luca of the Underwater Tribe have recently launched a Podcast series featuring special guests from ocean related enterprises. The Podcast launched in March and 8 episodes are now available on YouTube, Soundcloud and the iTunes Store. There are several ways to enjoy them including on the Underwater Tribe YouTube channel, on iTunes, as well as on Soundcloud.