Podcast: Episode 9 of the Underwater Tribe Series

UWT Podcast on Wetpixel

Wetpixel Moderator, Mike Veitch has released episode 9 of the Underwater Tribe Diving and Adventure Podcast. It features photographer Ethan Daniels. Previous podcasts have featured Gray Bevan, Serge Abourjeily, Graham Abbott, Christian Loader, Oli Christen, Marianne Nyegaard, Jenny Karmy and Rich Horner among others.

Underwater Tribe Podcast Series

The UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast #00 - (Ethan Daniels)

This week in the UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast we are happy to host adventure travel guide Ethan Daniels! Ethan has a wealth of knowledge about the underwater world as a trained marine biologist and a lifetime of working in the Indo Pacific region. He joins Mike in the studio to discuss the good old days in Palau, diving and snorkeling in Indonesia, encounters with whales, underwater photography and of course leading snorkeling adventure trips around the world. Learn more about Ethan Daniels and his snorkeling travel company and his photography site

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