Reef ID Books publishes Maldives reef guide

Maldives coral reefs on Wetpixel

Reef ID Books has published a print version of their “Coral Reefs Maldives” marine life photo guide. It illustrates and identifies over 1200 species commonly found in the reefs and atolls of the Maldives in an easy to use graphical format. It now available in print, Kindle and iBook formats.

Coral Reefs Maldives is now available globally via Amazon priced at at $32.95 (print) or $18.05 (Kindle) and an iBook version is also available on iTunes.

Maldives coral reefs on Wetpixel

Press release

Reef ID Books publishes print version of Coral Reefs Maldives

Produced in a collaboration between experienced divers, photographers and leading scientists, this is the perfect, easy to use guide that aims to help the marine wildlife watcher identify the species they encounter, whether they be a beginner or an expert.

Maldives coral reefs on Wetpixel

The most comprehensive photo guide to Maldivian coral reef life, covering fishes, sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, invertebrates and marine plants.

About the author

Reef ID Books writer and photographer, Andrey Ryanskiy, was always attracted to exploring new horizons in his diving and photography. 10 years ago, his preferences have changed from deep caves and cold-water wrecks to looking for new and undocumented species in the warm waters of tropical Indo-Pacific. Since then, his photographs have been used in numerous publications of professional marine biologists. But the advantages of his Advanced Trimix and Full Cave Diver training do not remain unused. He employs these skills for documenting species that inhabit deep reef slopes beyond normal recreational diving limits.