Report: CMAS World Underwater Photography Championship

Final day and Awards Ceremony

As mentioned in the previous day’s coverage, the delays due to the inquiries of the previous day meant that the judging panel got a sleepless night! The online judges managed to get their votes in, with the last one arriving at around 7 pm.

Competition staff still had to collate the results and build a video program for the gala presentation, which was due to start at 7!

Once the program was prepared, the awards ceremony commenced.

Throughout the contest, Enrique Martinez of Buceo a Fondo has been filming. He presented as short video summarizing the events of the past 4 days:

The winners were called up onto podium for each category

Together with their national flags

The winners celebrated!

The final act of the ceremony was the President of the Spanish Federation (FEDAS), Eduard Centelles Alonso, returning the CMAS banner to the CMAS representative, Kerim Sabuncuoglu

The contestants gathered on stage

And were joined by the Canarian Carnival dancers and drum band

They were joined by some of the hard working staff and judges:

José Zica, Kay Burn Lim, Kerim Sabuncuoglu and Rui Guerra

Everyone then adjourned back to the hotel where the party commenced!

We had Polynesian dancers:

And lots of celebrations!

There was also an unofficial presentation for the highest placed teams. The Italian team was the overall winner, which as you can imagine produced some pretty wild celebration!

This included a stage invasion:

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  2. Day 2: Practice Day
  3. Day 3: Competition Day 1
  4. Day 4: Competition Day 2
  5. Day 5: Final day and Awards Ceremony
  6. Day 5: The Winners