Report: DEMA 2019

Wetpixel/DPG Image Makers Party

On Thursday 15 November around 300 image makers gathered in the Rosen Center to socialise and network at the annual Wetpixel/DPG Image Makers Party. Despite having to change venue due to inclement weather, there was much revelry and fun and the party went on until the early hours!

As always, thanks to our wonderful sponsors:

Aquatica, Backscatter, Dive Damai, Humpback Swims, Ikelite, Nauticam, Salaya Beach Houses, Solitude Liveaboards & Resorts, and Xit 404.

Their support allows us to run this event, so please bear that in mind when considering your next purchase or trip…

Solitude Liveaboards and resorts XIT 404 Nauticam Salaya Beach Houses Ikelite Damai Backscatter Aquatica Humpback swims

All the images in the slideshow are available to download here. Feel free to use and share them!

Day 1.
Day 2.
Wetpixel/DPG Party.
Days 3 and 4.