Report: Go Diving Show 2019

The Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019 contests’ results will be announced live on stage at the Go Diving Show in Coventry, UK Sunday on 24 February at 3.30pm. All 48 of the finalists’ images are also on show at the event.

Wetpixel caught up with judge and organizer Alex Mustard at the show and kindly shared some of his thoughts about the contest this year.

Shows are always a good time to catch up with people:

Aquatica’s Blake Stoughton (With thanks to Massimo Franzese)

Andrew Lok, Henry Collister and the team from Solitude along with GUE’s Richard Walker

Guy Thomas and Chantelle Taylor-Newman of DAN

Petra Morten of Lembeh Resort

Massimo Franzese with Mario Vitalini and Caroline Worlatini of Scuba Travel