Reports from the field: Wetpixel Whale Sharks 2018

Our final day with the whale sharks again dawned clear and very calm. As always, we set out early and steamed north in search of sharks. Once again they initially proved somewhat elusive. At one point, Rogelio got a large concentration of hits on there fish finder, which led us to believe that they might be sitting down at 65 feet.

However, we found a big group of sharks around 2 miles east. The universe corrected itself and what followed will go down as one of the best days I have had in the 8 years I have been coming to the aggregation. There was a huge number of sharks, in a relatively small area, along with mantas. Every time we got in the water, there were large numbers passing and turning around our group.

The mantas were doing feeding loops:

We were in the water for 10 am and got out eventually at 2 pm. Throughout that whole time, we were actively photographing.

As always, there were other boats around, but there were so many sharks, this made no difference.

Brian takes a breather topside

Keen M are actively trying to reduce the amount of plastic they use and now supply each guest with a refillable aluminum drinks bottle which can be refilled from the cooler on board. It was a good job as it was thirsty work today!

With so many opportunities, it was possible to try out some creative techniques:

It was an absolutely amazing day and we are all very sad to be leaving tomorrow.

If you have never experienced this amazing event, we will be planning our trips for 2019 soon. Please come and join us…