Results: DEEP Indonesia 2019

Underwater photographers from around the globe submitted their amazing images to the 2019 DEEP Indonesia contest. The judges had a tough time selecting their shortlists and ultimately, the winners. With this in mind, congratulations are definitely due to Grant Thomas for his very beautiful winning over-under image from Papua New Guinea and to all of those that entered.

All the images submitted were stunning, but those placed in each category are simply stunning. Please pour a glass of your favorite beverage, turn up some soulful music and enjoy the full collection. They represent some of the finest images that have been produced by underwater photographers over the past few years. As ever, the full results are available to view on [UnderwaterCompetition.com]http://underwatercompetition.com/Competitions/deep-indonesia-2018).

The judges have also kindly added comments about the winning images for each category. For those planning to enter competitions, these notes are essential reading!

Heartfelt talks are also due to our sponsors. These guys do not just pay “lip service” to how important underwater image makers are to their business. Please bear this in mind when choosing who to spend your hard-earned cash with.




Check out the Judges’ notes and category winners.