Results: DPG/Wetpixel Masters 2020

The judge’s votes are in and the results are now official! To check them all out, please head over to our 2020 DPG/Wetpixel Masters Full Frame gallery. Hearty congratulations are very due to Scott Portelli for his quirky and beautifully timed winning image and to all those who placed.

The judges’ comment about Scott’s image:

Erin Quigley: “Great behavior. All technical elements strong.”
David Doubilet: “This is that moment we might see but rarely capture. This is literally crystal clear behavior.”
Tony Wu: “Well-deserved. Incredible timing and perfectly framed.”
Scott “Gutsy” Tuason: “Nailing a spit shot is difficult, and adding a behavior is the cherry on top.”
Keri Will: “What we all strive for as photographers - a painfully common subject, captured in an absolutely unique way. The combination of eye-contact, dynamic behavior, and technical excellence, make this a clear winner.”

Please find yourself a comfortable seat, get an appropriate beverage and feast your eyes on a stunning array of amazing imagery featured on Full Frame

As always, thanks to our esteemed and very had working judging panel: Erin Quigley, Stephen Frink, David Doubilet, Tony Wu, Gutsy Tuason, and Keri Wilk.

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