Results for the first round of the Shootout

The Shootout 2018 kicked off on June 15th at both Lembeh Dive Resort in Indonesia and Gulen Dive Resort in Norway. The subject for the first of three rounds of photography was nudibranchs. Participants in both countries submitted their best images taken of nudibranchs during three dives on June 17th and were then ranked by enthusiastic voters the world over.

In this first round, Team Lembeh came out on top in both average scores and placement scores, taking first, second, and third places. Neil Rosewarn of the UK placed first with the most votes overall. Second place goes to Liz Wagstrom of the US. And third place goes to Kellda Centeno of the Philippines. Congratulations to all of the participants. The images were all stunning with a wonderful variety of species and image execution. Due to the structure of The Shootout, team first place and individual places are still in play! We are all looking forward to the next round of fish and invertebrates.

Neil - 1st
1st place in the Nudibranch round by Neil Rosewarn

Liz - 2nd
2nd place in the Nudibranch round by Liz Wagstrom

Kellda - 3rd
3rd place in the Nudibranch round by Kellda Centeno

Today competitors will be shooting fish and invertebrates for entry this evening. Voting for this second round will begin at 10pm Norway time and be open for 24 hours before closing. Good luck to all participants and thank you for voting!

Visit The Shootout for more information about this event including competitors, sponsors, host resorts, team captains, organizer, and more!