Results: Under Bath Water Photographer of the Year

Under Bath Water 2020 on Wetpixel

The results of the 2020 Under Bathwater Photographer of the Year contest have been published by organizer Fourth Element The overall winner is Mikko Passi, with his image entitled “Greetings from the North Pole.” He creatively used empty Sofnolime drums to create an artificial iceberg, along with his daughter’s seal friend “Kuutti.”

The judges, Saeed Rashid, Franco Banfi, and Jim Standing said of the image: “This image captured all three judges’ imaginations as at first glance, one is not sure if it is a real image. Great lighting and composition have utilized Sofnolime canisters to double as remarkable atmospheric ice cubes, and the seal itself is looking down the camera. Fantastic image.”

All the winning images are featured on Fourth Element’s website. It is amazing to see the level of creativity that people have brought to the contest. When is round 2?