Results: Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019

Overall winner and Behavior category winner: Richard Barnden

The results of the 2019 Underwater Photographer of the Year competition were announced live on stage today at the Go Diving Show in Coventry, UK. All 48 of the finalists’ images were also on show at the event. The 2019 Yearbook featuring all the images in the placings is available to download as a pdf.

Many congratulations to all the winners!

2019 Winners

Wide Angle

François Baelen


Fabio Iardino


René B. Andersen


Nicholas Samaras

Black and White

Henley Spiers


Enrico Somogyi

Up & Coming

Taeyup Kim

British Waters Wide Angle

Robert Bailey

British Waters Macro

Arthur Kingdon

British Waters Living Together

Victoria Walker

British Waters Compact

Martin Edser

Marine Conservation

Eduardo Acevedo

Underwater Photography Book of the Year

Tobias Friedrich