Results: UPY 2020

Wide Angle category winner and Underwater Photographer of the Year: Greg Lecoeur

The Underwater Photographer of the Year (UPY) contest announced the winners of its 2020 contest at the Go Diving Show in Coventry, UK. Hearty congratulations to all those among the placings, and to Greg Lecoeur for his image featuring crabeater seals swimming around an iceberg that was the overall winner.

The UPY team at the Go Diving Show

Category winners:

British Underwater Photographer of the Year: Nick More

Up and Coming Photographer of the Year: Anita Kainrath

Most Promising British Underwater Photographer: Nur Tucker

Marine Conservation category winner: Pasquale Vassallo

British Waters Wide Angle winner: Arthur Kingdon

Compact Category winner: Manbd

Black and White Category winner: Mok Wai Hoe

Portrait Category winner: Lilian Koh

Behavior Category winner: Pasquale Vassallo</

Wreck Category winner: Tobias Friedrich

Macro Category winner: Hannes Klostermann

British Waters Compact Category winner: Colin Garrett

British Waters Living Together Category winner: Dan Bolt

British Waters Macro category: Laura Storm