Retra announces the uTrigger

Retra uTrigger on Wetpixel

Retra has announced a new underwater remote trigger that works wirelessly through housing walls. It consists of a internal sensor and a wireless external unit that is attached to a push button remote by wire. It works with both AF and manual focus settings and the trigger can be locked to make long exposures.

The uTrigger will retail at 245,08 EUR (excl. local taxes) and will ship from 31 November

From Retra’s website

About uTrigger

The uTrigger is universal trigger which means you don’t need to buy a new device when you change your camera or housing. Simply replace the connector and sensor cord and assemble them in your new camera kit.

How does it work?

On the inside of the housing, there is a receiver connected to the camera which can be remotely triggered via a wireless signal from an external trigger.

Signal between the transmitter and the sensor can travel underwater through a maximum of 20 mm of aluminum.

How do I focus?

The uTrigger uses a one stage triggering method which works with manual and autofocus settings.

with the camera in autofocus mode and the focus priority turned on, the camera will start to focus when the button is pressed:

Bulb and lock

The uTrigger is equipped with bulb and lock functions which allow the photographer to make long exposures. When not in use the uTrigger can be locked to avoid accidental triggers and using the battery.


The uTrigger can be connected at any time during the dive thanks to it’s short range wireless technology. When not connected the uTrigger can be mounted to your BCD via the mounting rope.

  1. It is universal which means you don’t need to buy a new device when you change your camera or housing
  2. It can operate for more than 4000 triggers and up to 3000 seconds of bulb time on a single battery
  3. It features a bulb and lock option for long exposures and to avoid accidental triggers
  4. It can be supplied with a three stage voltage meter to test the batteries
  5. It works in manual and autofocus mode