SAGA releases new close-up lenses

Spanish manufacturer SAGA has launched three new close-up lenses. These are achromatic “wet” diopters with 67mm threads on both front and rear. They are available in +5, +10 and +15 strengths.

Press release

SAGA releases new close-up lenses

The new lenses can be used with foldable SAGA brackets, or on any port with a 67mm thread. This makes them very versatile.

In the construction of these lenses we tried to make them as light and small as possible.

As mentioned above, the lenses’s threads are 67mm and they have a final diameter of 61 mm. This allows for better flash coverage on the subject when at the minimum focusing distance and is also the smallest diameter that can allow the photographer to get the subject in the center of the frame if it is flat on the bottom.

Technical characteristics:

Achromatic +5

Achromatic +10

Achromatic +15

The lenses can be attached to a flip lens adapter from either SAGA or other brands. The lenses also have a 67mm front thread, to allow for stacking additional lenses or adding filters.