Samy’s releases fiber optic adaptors

Samy’s Camera Underwater Photo & Video has announced the release of an adaptor for Nauticam fiber optic ports. Made by XIT404, the adapters allow the use of any cable with Nauticam housings.

The adapters are available now at $22.

Press release

Samy’s Camera Underwater Photo & Video In collaboration With Xit404 is proud to present the Xit404-Nauticam fiber optic cable adapter.This adapter allows shooters to now use any fiber optic strobe cable on a Nauticam housing which up until now you had to use Nauticam’s proprietary cables.

This is welcome news for shooters moving to Nauticam housings who already own Sea&Sea or INON cables, And INON users can also use the Xit404 L bracket to mount straight cables to these fittings. Samy’s currently has these adapters at our stores and online for $22 each.