Sea & Sea DX 100 Housing for Nikon D100


After spending the last 3 weeks on the Bay Islands Aggressor IV conducting digital workshops and diving every day, I had a great opportunity to give my new Sea and Sea DX 100 housing a complete workout. I was able to shoot a variety of subjects using a number of different lenses and ports, and based on my previous experience with both digital still and video housings, I have come to some conclusions.

Let me preface my comments by saying that, since there have been a number of reviews and articles commenting on the specific functions of this housing I am not going to describe the housing's functions and layout. I will make references to the features that I feel are strong and others that I wish had been designed differently.

Things I like:

  • The clear back did have the advantage of being able to see inside the housing and it did give me a feeling of security. I found myself always checking the back as I made my descent just to make sure there was no water found its way inside.



By and large I really like this housing. By comparison, its price point is very reasonable and if you are already using a Sea and Sea housing your current ports and accessories will likely fit. As exclusively a digital imagemaker, I found that the DX100 and the Nikon D100 are a great combination. A few modifications to the concerns listed above would make this housing really shine.

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