Sea & Sea: DX-3100 Aquapix Upgrade/Fix


Dear Valued Customers,

As you are aware Sea&Sea is constantly striving to increase the quality and highest standard of its products.

We have been informed by our Research and Development department of the possibility of cracks appearing in the battery compartment door or/and in the USB compartment door of the DX-3100 Aquapix amphibious camera that may lead to water leakage. Although we have o­nly received a limited number of these reports, even the remotest possibility of this condition appearing has prompted Sea&Sea to take affirmative and positive action and therefore we would like to request that you return your DX-3100 Aquapix to the Sea & Sea dealer where it was purchased, or to an official Sea&Sea distributor for testing and any necessary upgrading if within these corresponding serial numbers.

Corresponding Serial Numbers: 030200001-030204016

Although all our products are pressure tested before leaving the factory, our Research Department determined that the reported cases resulted from micro cracks, caused by physical stress after a certain period of time, that formed in the battery compartment door.

Sea&Sea would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and will make every effort to ship back your camera as soon as it could in cooperation with Sea&Sea official distributor in your region.

Sincerely yours

Masateru Yamaguchi
President / Sea & Sea Products Ltd.