Seacam 1D/1Ds Housing Field Journal/Operator’s Manual

Date: January 2004 - Location: Thailand


The Canon EOS1Ds camera is the current state-of-the-art in digital imaging, and so it makes sense that the world's finest digital SLR should be housed in the world's finest housing. This trip to Thailand is my first real immersion with this camera system, coming from 25 years of shooting with housed Nikon cameras. Allow me to share my insights and observations from this trip, in the hopes you may get up to speed quicker with your own EOS1Ds system.

Camera table, Ocean Rover , January 2004.
Seacam EOS1Ds in foreground, photo © Mark Strickland

First Look

The housing is finished in the same "Seacam Silver" as all of the new generation housings, from N90* onward. This is significant in that this particular surface is incredibly resilient. For those used to having their previous