Seacam announces Seaflash 160 Strobe

Seacam has formally announced the new Seaflash 160 Digital strobe. Featuring both electrical and fiber optic triggering, the strobe has an output of 160 Ws with a color temperature of 4500°K. Powered via a NiMh battery pack, it also offers high-speed sync, an OLED that rotates for a correct viewing angle, and a 250 lumen spotting light.

From Seacam’s Facebook page


Now we make it official and welcome our newest strobe into the SEACAM product catalog: The SEAFLASH 160 DIGITAL sets a new standard in strobe design and functionality. Its innovative, digital flash electronic works at 160 Ws at a UW guide number of 15, 130° angle and 4500°K color temperature.

Equipped with cable and fiber optic connection, the SEAFLASH 160D works in TTL, manual and slave mode. As a special feature, it also comes with a high-speed sync function up until 1/8000 as well as a stroboscopic mode with 2-15 pictures to choose from. The automatic rotatable OLED display allows for an easy view of settings in every position.

Your SEAFLASH 160D can be saved to your personal settings and can be updated via USB connection. The integrated LED pilot light works at 250 lm at a 10° angle.

Behind the innovative new closing system, you will find the high-quality NiMH changeable battery pack that ensures a safe and long-lasting performance of this high standard strobe.