Sealux announces housing for Sony PXW-X70

Sealux has announced the HXP70 housing for the Sony PXW-X70 XDCAM compact camcorder. The aluminum housing features a rear display window allowing the camera’s monitor to be viewed. It has 90mm bayonet mount for ports and can be fitted with an external monitor if required.

The new housing will be available soon.

Press release

Sealux HXP70N housing for Sony PXW-X70


The housing is made of seawater-resistant aluminium. It is CNC milled out of a monobloc, then anodized and covered with a special powder coating. The camcorder is precision-guided along a special slide and fitted inside the front part of the housing, thereby excluding any fitting errors.

Monitor back plate

The large display window allows a complete view of the swivelled-open 3.5 inch monitor with excellent screening against ambient light. The viewing angle has a 15º inclination relative to the swimming plane. The sunshade avoids reflections on the glass screen. Enjoy your shots as you are taking them.

Locking devices

The housing comes equipped with two quick-release locking devices which are protected against being opened unintentionally.

Port-changing system

To do the large 74° wide-angle lens justice (equivalent to a 29 mm focal length of a 35 mm camera) we have provided our housing with a 90 mm bayonet mount, which now allows fitting a wide-angle converter lens that increases the shooting angle to about 110°. Of course, the port mount is equipped with the tried and tested Sealux 1-button locking system, permitting a fast change between flat ports and wide-angle converter lenses.

Flat port

To enable the camcorder to record the highest quality image possible, we only use optical glass for the port. The new 90 mm flat port includes a lens cap as standard.

Close-up lens

The close-up lens can be swivelled in front of the housing even when using the wide-angle converter lens. This allows both macro and wide-angle shots at any time.

UW-colour correction filter

For shots in blue water without lighting, an URPRO colour correction filter is fitted inside the housing, which can be swivelled in front at any time.

Wide-angle converter lens (extra)

With dome lens made of optical glass, coated, zoomable, diagonal shooting angle approx. 110º, with protective cap.

External Monitor

On the top the housing has a M6-thread and a port (optional) to mount our 5-inch HDMI-Monitor for convenient viewing in close-up situations.

Battery change

To replace the rechargeable batteries the camcorder does not need to be removed from the housing.


Newly developed ergonomic hand grips with holder allow comfortable handling and a safe housing footing, even when the large wide-angle conversion lens is fitted. For transport the two hand grip holders can be detached.

Carry Handle

To conveniently carry the housing and to mount lamps, a bar can be fixed to the Grips


Functions are activated via a keypad on the right and via manual controls:

Right keypad

Manual Control

Moisture alarm

An acoustic and optical moisture alarm system monitors the wellbeing of the camcorder.

Carry case (extra)

The carry case with a minimal weight of only 2.6 kg has sufficient capacity for the whole video equipment, including the Sealux lighting system. Measuring only 500 x 390 x 190 mm it will be accepted as hand luggage.

Dimensions, weight


Housing without grip: (W x H x L): 236 x 122 x 225 mm


Housing only: 3.9 kg


Housing with camera: about neutral

Maximum depth:

Tested down to 80 m