Sealux ships housing for Panasonic HC-X1000

Sealux is shipping their housing for the Panasonic HC-X1000 4K camcorder. Constructed of aluminum, it features a 5 inch rear display and all-mechanical controls. It has interchangeable front ports and although it is supplied with a flat port, it can be fitted with a dome if required. It has internal close-up and ND flip filters.

The housing sells for 4650,00 € with a flat port or 1599,00 € with a dome.

Press release

Sealux Housing for Panasonic HC-X1000 camcorder

The SEALUX HX1000 housing is a safe, custom-made housing for the professional HC-X1000 4K camcorder made by Panasonic. It is one of the smallest and lightest aluminum underwater housings for the HC-X1000 on the market. With this housing our main focus has been on an entirely manual control system. A new, high-definition 5-inch display at the back provides a brilliant image at any time. As a whole, the dimensions of the housing were optimized so that it fits inside a piece of standard hand luggage with the grips detached. The interchangeable wide-angle converter lenses stand out for a maximum degree of flexibility and the highest optical quality possible. All function elements are sealed twofold and up to fourfold. The provision of the highest degree of safety is our command.

Housing: Made from seawater-resistant aluminum, CNC milled from a monobloc, anodized in black (anti-reflex) and powder coated on the outside as well for maximum ruggedness.

Locks: The four reliable quick-action locks incorporate safety-devices.

Back: sealed with a large precision o-ring and equipped with a new high-definition 5-inch display with internal peaking.

Port Changing System: The standard housing comes with a flat port made of optical glass. A bayonet joint with safety lock allows easy replacement of the flat port with a high-grade wide-angle port. A solid base support can be supplied as extra to secure the housing when the wide-angle converter lens is used.

Close-up lens and red filter: A coated close-up lens and red filter can be swivelled in front. These devices can be swivelled in front of the housing fitted with a flat port or with a high-grade wide-angle port.

Grips: The grips are ergonomically adjustable and detachable for transport in the carry case.

Carry handle: The solid carry handle is detachable for minimum packing size.

Tripod base: The camcorder is mounted on the tripod base and secured at the front, thereby allowing easy replacement of the rechargeable battery and memory card.

Manual functions on the right:

Manual functions on the left:

Functions at the back:

Underwater microphone:

Underwater sounds are recorded via a high-quality electret microphone.

Moisture alarm:

Two moisture alarms monitor the well-being of your camcorder, with an acoustic warning signal at the front and an acoustic and optical warning signal at the back.

Dimensions, weights:

Maximum depth: 90 m (tested)