Sea&Sea updates MDX housing for 5D Mark III

Sea&Sea has announced a new version of their MDX housing for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The MDX-5DMKIII Ver. 2 housing has a movable zoom/focus gear to allow larger diameter lenses to be inserted, has an adjustable shutter release and is equipped with Sea& Sea’s Internal YS Optical Converter, which allows TTL fiber optic triggering of strobes.

The updated housing is available now.

Press release

SEA&SEA Announces MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 Housing

SEA&SEA continues to be one of the top manufacturers of underwater photography equipment since 1972. The new MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 underwater camera housing for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera will bring the exclusive SEA&SEA advancements to the market. Built upon numerous years of profound engineering experience, the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is designed to utilize all features of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera with precision and ease, making it the housing of choice for any enthusiastic underwater photographer using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera.

MDX-5D Mark III Ver.2 Underwater Camera Housing

The MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 underwater camera housing maintains SEA&SEA’s premiere status as one of the leading manufacturers of underwater photography equipment by utilizing all features of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera while conveying new improvements to the field of underwater photography. As always, SEA&SEA upholds its high standards of cutting-edge workmanship with this housing. Constructed from black galvanized corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is a sturdy and protective outer configuration for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera. Two sacrificial zinc diodes are attached to the front and rear of the case for added protection against electrolysis damage.

The MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 points out SEA&SEA’s attentiveness to detail, as virtually all functions of the camera can be utilized underwater. The newly designed ergonomic controls for the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 were enhanced and fashioned with the underwater photographer’s dexterity in mind.

The MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is equipped with a movable focus/zoom gear allowing a lens with a big diameter to be mounted in the housing easily. The shutter sensitivity on the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 can be adjusted by changing the location of the adjustment plate. The MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is compatible with SEA&SEA’s signature Internal Optical YS-Converter. SEA&SEA’s optional leak sensor comes installed in this housing, which provides an alert upon any water entry. A depth rating of 100m/330ft provides versatility to any underwater photographer.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera is a popular full-frame 22.3MP DSLR that conducts extraordinary still image and movie recording capabilities. Crafted from a highly durable magnesium-alloy compound, the camera body encapsulates all of the camera’s components and offers increased dust and weather resistance. Many of the physical controls on the camera are fully customizable for an efficient workflow.

By integrating the new DIGIC 5+ Image Processor and 14-bit A/D conversion, Canon created this camera to produce excellent detail within images even when there are immensely low-light situations. The ISO range was extended up to 102400 to aid during these low light situations. The image quality is further enhanced by the new 61-point high-density reticular autofocus, which includes up to 41 cross-type AF points and 5 dual diagonal AF points for guaranteed sharpness. iFCL metering works in combination with the AF system by using color information from the scenes of a photo shoot to produce precise exposure readings using the 5D Mark III’s 63 zone dual-layer metering sensor. The Canon 5D Mark III contains HDR and multiple exposure modes that provide countless creative prospects and help to decrease the amount of post-production time needed to create high quality images. Also capable of recording full HD video, the 5D Mark III has the option to do this with manual exposure control in multiple frame rates, including 1080/30p and 720/60p.

Image review is possible using its 1,040,000-dot 3.2” Clear View II LCD monitor that features a high-transparency reflection-resistant multi-coating for sufficient viewing under bright conditions. The signature Intelligent Viewfinder also incorporates a covered LCD providing the photographer with the exposure information, as well as features a 100% field of view. Extended support can also provided with the optional Canon Wireless File Transmitter and GPS receiver for remote logging, tracking, and sending images.


The MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is compatible with SEA&SEA’s signature Internal Optical YS-Converter, which offers the functionality of the Sync Cord system while concurrently offering the benefits of a Fiber Optic system. It converts the camera’s TTL signal into a light signal. This particular design reduces possible leak points by erasing the need to use threaded bulkheads while allowing for rapid fire and a reduced recycle time by linking directly to the camera through the hot shoe.

Equipped with two fiber-optic sockets, the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is compatible with SEA&SEA’s newly fine-tuned and restructured Fiber Optic Cable II for easy ultimate lighting. Made of 613 individual fiber cores, the Fiber Optic Cable II decreases the chance of light attenuation, resulting in minimal transmission loss.

Renowned for high-tech underwater lighting, SEA&SEA strobes are the accessory for the proper underwater imaging execution. Through fiber-optic connection, the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is compatible with the YS-D1, YS-01, and YS-03 strobes. Links regarding strobe compatibility and comparison have been added on the newly updated SEA&SEA website to help further SEA&SEA strobe awareness.

Fastening strobes to the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 is effortless with the SEA&SEA Sea Arm 8 collection. Designed using the latest structural analysis software, the Sea Arm 8 was systematically machined from a solid block of aluminum, providing robust lightweight durability and security. Ball clamps allow for easy manipulation and maneuverability, while keeping SEA&SEA’s standard of structural reliability.

The MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 underwater housing is compatible with both optional viewfinders that SEA&SEA has to offer: VF45 Prism viewfinder and VF180 1.2x. Covering the entire field of view, the VF45 enhances magnification by 1.2x and enables subtle framing and focusing of subjects. The eyepiece rotates 360° in increments of 90° to provide the ideal camera position in either landscape or portrait. The 45-degree prism viewfinder is ideal for all conditions, but especially suited for macro photography when the camera is often positioned lower than the photographer.The magnification ratio is 1.2x without sacrificing the field of view. The VF180 1.2x allows for easy image composition. The eight element six group optical lenses help to reproduce the natural colors captured in images. To prevent condensation and fogging, VF180 1.2x is filled with nitrogen gas. This viewfinder is an excellent tool for those pelagic animal shots. SEA&SEA’s sturdy mechanical design for the MDX-5DMKIII Ver.2 underwater camera housing continues to offer exceptional creations to the thriving community of underwater imaging.

Available now.