Seawolf releases Expedition video lights

Orcalight has announced the availability of their Expedition series video lights. These feature carbon fiber construction and a redesigned battery pack. The new Expedition model 2260 series offer 22,000 lumen output with a burn time of 1.25 hours at full power, but are neutrally buoyant in the water. The battery pack also features UN38.3 flight certification and is designed to allow airline staff to easily verify that it is suitable for travel.

The company offers bespoke options of mixing the existing aluminum with the new carbon fiber components as required. In addition, existing 2260 torch systems can be upgraded to the Expeditions specification if required.

Press release

Orcalight Eureka Moment!

Orcalight are proud to announce that following user comments we have now launched our Expedition range of SeaWolf 22,000 and 30,000 lumen Canister lights.

The lightweight Expedition range provides all of our normal bells and whistles with none of the weight, that’s right 30,000 lumens for 1.25hrs and neutral buoyancy.

Because our clients seem split down the middle between those who prefer weight and others who prefer lighter kit, we can now provide bespoke weighted solutions to suite your exact needs by mixing parts from either 6082 aluminium or carbon fibre, for example providing a slightly weighted canister and neutral lamp heads, the canisters can be used to stabilize camera housings or visa versa provide weighted lamp heads and neutral canisters for those who prefer to side sling or tank mount the canister.

A new battery pack has also been developed to reduce size and weight when travelling, we have cut 150g from each battery and provide them with UN38.3 flight certification for your travel needs, allowing a much simpler lighter and smaller pack more suited to decanting into travel bags. The new pack allows you to easily demonstrate to flight staff that each is safe and isolated in a camera bag type solution.

We felt that your decision on your final solution should be based upon preference not price so whichever part you choose to make up your final solution there is no additional charge whether its power levels, mix matched carbon/aluminium parts or cased/uncased batteries.

Main Specifications

SeaWolf EX2260

Available upgrades

All NG 2260’s currently in use can be upgraded in various ways either partly or fully to the new expedition specification depending on your requirements.

Arranging your product is simple

Contact Shane Newman at Orcalight with a general wish list ie weight etc. and we will design your system and reply with a specification, simply approve and it is delivered as specified.