Seeking testimonials for Markus Groh, Jim Abernethy, Shear Water

Attention all shark divers: certain individuals have already started mudslinging in the media. Instead of participating in any of that, we’d like to provide a place for positive words about all parties involved in February’s unfortunate shark bite accident in the Bahamas.  If you have anything to say in support of Markus Groh (the diver who passed away),  Jim Abernethy,  the M/V Shear Water, or her crew, please leave a comment at the bottom of this message or contact us with your message.

This is a place to collect stories about Jim’s dedication to sharks. If you’ve got a cool story about how Jim or his crew made you love sharks or gave you the best shark dive of your life, please share it with us! We’re also interested in anecdotes about his operation and character.  If you have a story about Markus Groh (whom I did not know), please share it here, as well.

Please only comment here if you’ve been out on the Shear Water or if you knew Markus personally. This is not the venue for sharing random speculation.

Also, please sign this petition in support of shark diving in the Bahamas. We will deliver it to the Bahamas Diving Association.

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