Show coverage: ADEX 2014

ADEX show 2014 day 2 coverage.

Kaz Okada of FIX Fisheye on the Scubacam booth.

Kaz Okada of FIX Fisheye joined the team on the Scubacam stand and was displaying FIX’s new version of the Neo video lights.

These are available in 4 models, with power outputs of 2500, 2000 and 1200 lumen each having a color temperature of 5500°K. The 2500 model features a single LED, but the 2000 and 1200 models both have spot, wide red and program light output modes.

Burn times run from 55 minutes for the 2500 (at full power) through to 120 minutes for the 2000. Most of the torches also have a 10 minute “reserve” to cope with eventualities.

The fourth model is a blue (fluorescence) light version of the 1200 lumen model. This is supplied with a filter that converts the blue light back to white and allows the light to be used as a conventional dive light.

The last item is the remote control for the lights. This can control the output of up to 4 lights from a single location.

Kaz also mentioned that although the circuitry in the new Neo torches is different to that of older versions, they can be upgraded via return to the owner’s local dealer.

William Tan expressing during his talk at the imaging center.

I popped in to visit Herbie Scmidtz and Stefan Horvath of H20 Photo Partners.

They were displaying their range of arms and adaptors and had a new universal mounting plate for action cameras that can be used to attach a handle or light bracket to an Action Cam.

They also had their “cold water” extension knobs for the Inon Z240 strobe. Stefan has promised that they will be releasing a version for the S2000 strobe soon.

Danny Charleton of Lembeh Resort and Lia Barrett of DivePhotoGuide.

The show had many stands featuring travel and tour companies:

Peter Hughes and Andrew Laughlin of the DivEncounters Alliance on the their booth.

Meanwhile, back on the Scubacam stand Mike Veitch was making a “point” to Sanah:

I then had a meeting with Takuya Torii of Inon. Inon is releasing lots of new products before or during the summer of this year. Firstly, he showed me three new LED torches. These featured two models running on 3 AA and one on 6 AA batteries.

The first of the AA versions has a 1000 lumen output in a spot pattern and a burn time of 1 hour at full power. This can be fitted with a wide diffuser filter, a red filter and a red diffuser filter

The second model takes 6AA batteries and has a spot output of 1400 lumen and offers a 1 hour burn time. Once again, it can be used with the diffusers and red filters as the 3AA version.

Takuya Torii of Inon with Adam Hanlon.

Lastly, Inon will be offering a wide beam 1100 lumen video light powered by 3 AA batteries and featuring an even beam, smooth edges and no hot spots. All the torches are available with a variety of mounting options including YS mounts.

Inon are releasing a series of products for GoPro HERO 3 and 3+ cameras. Firstly, they are releasing a cage that allows the mounting of a base and arms for lights and also have the ability to mount wet lenses. It will be available with either an Inon bayonet or M55 thread.

Inon will also be releasing a series of specific wet lenses for GoPros fitted with their cage. The UFL-G140 semi fisheye lens produces an 140° field of view and shortens the minimum focus distance to 10cm on the HERO3 and 4cm on the 3+.

They will also offer a close up lens. This is called the UCL-G165 and focuses from 7cm to infinity on the HERO3 and from 5 to 35cm on the HERO3+.

Lastly, Takuya has a prototype of their new housing for the Canon EOS 6D SLR.

Inon plan to develop an electric to optical converter that will allow the use of optical fiber strobe triggering and so the housing is equipped with 2 fiber optic ports as standard. It can have a Nikonos bulkhead if required.

Port support is likely to be for the Canon EF 100mm macro with a magnetic manual focus ring and the EF 16-35mm wide-angle with the Inon Dome Port II and an extension.

Takuya and Peter Mooney of Scubapix.

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