Show coverage: ADEX 2014

ADEX show 2014 day 3 coverage.

ADEX 2014 day 3 kicked off with Wetpixel recording Mark Erdman’s excellent lecture about species distribution through the “Coral Triangle.” This will be posted soon.

I then returned to chat with Harald Hordosch and Stephen Frink on the Seacam booth. In my day 1 report, I mentioned that Harald had their conversion for the Nikonos RS 13mm lens on the stand. What I failed to notice was a new housing on the stand too.

Seacam has released a Prelude housing for the Nikon D7100 SLR which, in a departure from previous Prelude models, provides access to all the camera’s controls.

It is equipped with two S6 strobe bulkheads and is pictured with Seacam’s S45 viewfinder.

Although it was debuted at DEMA, Seacam also had their diopter at the show. Full details will follow, but the diopter mounts using a friction fit into Seacam’s macro port.

Lastly, the company has also released a caddy for the diopter:

Joe Chang of Fun-In.

I then went to visit the guys from Fun-In. This Taiwanese company produces many accessories for compact and SLR cameras and housings. Joe Chang and his staff kindly took time out from a very busy stand to show me through their products at the show.

Fun-In have their own small video/spotting lights. Primarily consisting of two models, one with an output of 2400 and the other 1200 lumen of ouput, the torches have 3 step adjustment of output and red modes. Uniquely, the red and white mode can be activated simultaneously to give a pale red beam. The lights give around 90 minutes of light.

Fun-In also offer a UV version of the torch.

A new product at the show was snoot for the lights:

They also sell a more conventional 5,000 lumen video light, the FIT Pro which has multi step output controls and a color temperature of 5700 to 6500°K. It has a burn time of 60 minutes.

Fun-In have been supplying diopters for some time, and that had a +10 achromatic version at the show.

Another interesting accessory is FIT’s Pro tray. This has a reversible camera orientation bar and a foot to ensure that it doesn’t fall over. It si supplied with two 1” balls on the handles.

They were also showing some new super lightweight arms. Equipped with 1” balls, the arms come in 3”,5”, 8”, 12” and 16” lengths and are compatible with Inon wet lens holders.

Lastly, Fun-In offers a 4.3” coated glass dome compatible with Nauticam and Sea&Sea bayonet fittings.

ADEX is a relatively small show, and I felt that it was not well supported by the major imaging manufacturers. Against this, the show seemed to attract many visitors, and spaces between the booths got distinctly cramped at times. Another interesting feature was that the demographic was very young, perhaps this is where the divers and underwater image makers of the future will come from.

ADEX is a very social show and it was great to catch up with so many friends and meet so many new people. Many thanks to David Cheung of Scubacam for all his help and hospitality.

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