Sony announces 4K Handycam

At the CES show, Sony has announced a new 4k Handycam camcorder and two new HD models. The FDR-AX53 has a new lens and sensor with an enhanced A algorithm that provides 40% faster focusing. It has assignable manual functions and a bit rate of 100Mbps. The HDR-CX675 and HDR-CX455 are HD camcorders that have 5 axis optical stabilization.

The AX53 will be available from March at $1,000 while the HDR-CX675 and HDR-CX455 will be available from February for $600 and $400 respectively.

Press Release

Sony Announces New Flagship 4K Camcorder with Enhanced Image and Sound Quality

New FDR-AX53 4K Camcorder is joined by Two New HD Camcorders to Complete 2016 Handycam Lineup

LAS VEGAS, Jan 5, 2016 – Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging, has today introduced its most advanced 4K(1) Handycam® camcorder to date, the new FDR-AX53 model.

Featuring a newly developed ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* lens and image sensor designed to optimize 4K recording as well as enhanced Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization, Fast Intelligent AF and a new microphone structure ensuring high-quality sound, the FDR-AX53 is a highly capable 4K video recording device for families and video enthusiasts.

4K continues to grow in popularity, reaching more households now than ever before. As 4K awareness grows and the benefits become clear, consumers are looking for new ways to create and enjoy their content in 4K UHD,” said Jeff Hiatt, director of the video division at Sony Electronics. “Our new AX53 Handycam brings the wonders of professional quality 4K video to families and video enthusiasts looking to capture and preserve their memories in the highest possible quality.”

The FDR-AX53 is joined by two new versatile HD camcorders – models HDR-CX675 and HDR-CX455 – that offer a variety of advanced video features including 5-axis image stabilization, Fast Intelligent AF, Time-lapse Capture(2), 26.8mm3 wide-angle lenses and more.

FDR-AX53 4K Handycam

The new FDR-AX53 features a newly developed 20x optical zoom lens with advanced aspherical (AA) and Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lens elements that allow it to produce a crisp, high resolution image within a compact size. The lens also has a ZEISS® T* coating that reduces unwanted reflections and flare.

The new camera is also equipped with a new image sensor with large pixels (approx. 1.6x larger than previous model) (4) that is optimized for video shooting and delivers beautiful low-noise images in all conditions including low-light scenarios. These two key components – lens and sensor – work together to deliver stunning 4K video.

The new camcorder also has the acclaimed Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization technology, which ensures that video output is smooth, stable and blur-free at focal lengths ranging from wide-angle (26.8mm)(3) to the extended 20x optical zoom. Additionally, 5-axis Intelligent Active mode(5) compensates for vibration in five different axes to ensure movie footage is smooth and free of jitters or shake in even the most unstable of conditions.

Other new features on the FDR-AX53 include an enhanced AF algorithm that achieves approximately 40% faster(4) autofocus speed and more accurate subject capturing, as well as a new microphone structure that collects sound from five different directions to produce sound with about 40% less noise and clearer than the previous model(4). The camera also has Full HD 120fps high-speed recording, allowing it to create superbly detailed slow-motion movies6. It can capture time-lapse images in 4K for high resolution 4K time-lapse video2 as well.

For the more advanced videographers, the new 4K camcorder includes an electronic viewfinder for accurate framing plus a customizable manual ring and manual button that can be assigned to key functions like zoom, focus and exposure adjustments and more. The FDR-AX53 is also compatible with time code and user bit functions and can record at an incredibly high bit-rate of 4K 100 Mbps through use of the XAVC S™ recording format(7), allowing each frame to be filled with astonishing 4K detail.

Post shooting, 4K video content from the camcorder can be played back directly on a compatible 4K television through the supplied HDMI cable, or in super-sampled Full HD when connected to an HD TV. The new model can also ‘trim’ a selected portion of a 4K video frame to fill the screen with Full HD quality. In this mode, trimming size(8) can be changed with zoom lever or on-screen icon. Also, with support of 4K still image capture, users can extract and save 8.3 MP still images from 4K movie footage without impacting the impressive 4K video quality.

New Sony HD Camcorders

The HDR-CX675 model features a new and improved form of Balanced Optical SteadyShot with motion analysis. In this new 5-axis “Intelligent Active mode” of stabilization, the camera utilizes a motion analysis system to intelligently optimize the 5-axis image stabilization based on the level of external motion. This will result in stable footage from wide-angle to telephoto, even if the person filming is running or jogging after a subject. The new HDR-CX455 is equipped with Optical SteadyShot stabilization with Intelligent Active mode which compensates camera shake in 5-axis which enables to shoot stable high-quality movies even while jogging lightly especially at wide-angle.

Each of the new HD models have several other convenient features including XAVC S™ high bit rate recording 7, a 5.1 channel microphone and My Voice Canceling, which reduces the sound of the shooter’s voice during recording. They also are equipped with Highlight Movie Maker, Multi Camera Control and much more.

Pricing and Availability

The new FDR-AX53 4K camcorder will be available this March for about $1,000, and the new HDR-CX675 and HDR-CX455 will be available in February for about $600 and $400, respectively.

(1) 3840 x 2160 pixels
(2) Requires PlayMemories Home™ (free software for PCs) ver. 5.1(Windows)/3.1(Mac) (available in January 2016) or later to create time-lapse movie
(3) 35mm equivalent
(4) Compared to FDR-AX33
(5) Available in HD shooting only
(6) Requires PlayMemories Home to edit
(7) Requires SDXC/SDHC memory card UHS-I U3 or Higher for XAVC S 4K 100Mbps recording and SDXC/SDHC memory card Class 10 or higher for XAVC S 4K 60Mbps and XAVC S HD 50Mbps recording
(8) Minimum trimming size is 1920 x 1080