Spaces available: Douglas Seifert’s Jetties of South Australia trip

Douglas Seifert leafy on Wetpixel

In January, DIVE Magazine’s World Editor and Wetpixel Supporter, Douglas Seifert is running a special once-in-a-lifetime expedition to photograph the magnificent macro sea life of the Jetties of South Australia. Featured marine life will include the magnificent leafy sea dragon, blue ringed octopus and endemic frogfish. The trips will be based on a live-aboard. He has just let us know that a few spots have opened up due to very last minute cancellations, so they are up for grabs immediately.

Details about the spots are as follows:

Full Expedition: Jan 17 - 28th, 2014 = $7000 or Stage 1: January 17 - 22 = $3500 Stage 2: January 22 - 28 = $3500

Please email Douglas for more details or to book.