Subal announces housing for Nikon D5

Subal has released images of their new housing for the Nikon D5 camera. At present, details are not yet available, but it will be available in Subal standard color or black, white, red and blue as an option. The images depict it being equipped with fiber optic ports and electrical ports for strobe triggering. This suggest that it will be compatible with their TTL converter (see below).

It will ship in February (a month before the camera), priced at €5,988 in Europe.

In other Subal news, the company are also planning on releasing a housing for the D500. No details are available except for a planned release date of April.

Lastly, some time ago, Subal announced their TTL system for Nikon housings. On their Facebook page, they describe it this:

NEW TTL System for Nikon Housings

Subal presents a new N-TTL Converter for their Nikon Housings. This Subal N-TTL Converter is able to provide full TTL via Optical Bulkheads as well as Nikonos 5-pin Bulkheads, so you have the choice to use either Optical cord or Sync cord. It is also possible to switch to Manual mode if one desires, and adjust +/- strobe power.

We can retrofit almost all Subal ND housings with the new N-TTL, and in the future we will update the software for use with other strobes. And we will have it for Canon Housings.

The battery works for 65,000 shots or between 5-7 years!

This TTL adapter is available in three versions:

  1. INON Strobes and SEA & SEA D1 and YS-01 (available now)
  2. Sea & Sea YS-250 (coming soon)
  3. IKELITE DS51, DS160 and DS161 (coming soon)

If a housing already has bulkheads (not optical) you do not need additional bulkheads.

But if you have built in optical ports, you will need the connection from the TTL Electronic plate to the optical ports.