Subal housings for Panasonic GF2 and GF3

Subal has announced the release of two new housings for the Panasonic GF2 and GF2 EVIL cameras. These feature the standard Subal manufacture techniques and surface coatings, as well as the QuickLock closure system. The SGF2 and SGF3 also feature access to all camera controls (including flash raise/lower), are backwards compatible with all bayonet fitting Subal ports and have a fiber optic port for strobe triggering.

Availability is from October and prices are still to be confirmed.

Press Release.

SUBAL SGF2 for Panasonic GF2 and SUBAL SGF3 for Panasonic GF3.

The well known Top-Class housing manufacturer SUBAL offers the new SGF2 housing for the Panasonic GF2 and the SGF3 housing for the Panasonic GF3 - for the first time there is a Subal housing for the highly topical “mirror less”” system cameras.

This allows travelling with smaller, lighter weight luggage yet still has the advantage of interchangeable lenses.

All SUBAL ports with bayonet mount fit this housing.

As with all our products choice of materials, machining, surface protection and finish conform with SUBAL’s well known standards of reliability and workmanship.

The SUBAL SGF2 as well as the GF3 housings allows access to all camera functions, including opening and closing of the built-in strobe!

A slip-on sunshade protects the monitor from disturbing reflections and backlight.

As with SLR housings the SFG housings are closed with the popular SUBAL QuickLock system.

To change the battery or the flash card the cameras do not need to be removed from the housing.

The SUBAL SGF2 and SGF3 will be delivered as standard with a flat port for the 14mm lens.


Technical data:

Seawater resistant aluminium alloy, machined from block, extreme surface hardening and corrosion resistance through HardCoating. All parts manufactured from anodized and hard coated aluminium, acid proof stainless steel or high quality plastics. Seals are seamless precision O-rings. O-rings in hard coated glands. SUBAL QuickLock latching system.


Flat and dome port for:

Base tray for strobe or aiming torch, with or without handle.


Offered also as set with Panasonic GF2 camera with 14-42 lens and SUBAL housing with Zoom-Dome port.