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Video: Phase Detection Autofocus explained Photo

Video: Phase Detection Autofocus explained

ZY Productions has posted a video on YouTube explaining how phase detection autofocus (AF) works. Phase detection is only available in SLR cameras, as it requires a dedicated AF sensor and a translucent section of the camera’s mirror, which are both components you will not find in a mirrorless camera. AF is a key camera function in challenging underwater photographic environments.

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Review: Back Button Autofocus Photo

Review: Back Button Autofocus

Wetpixel presents a round up of tutorials and information about using back button autofocus (AF) activation. Most SLR and top end compact cameras now offer this option. By decoupling the AF and shutter release, images can be recomposed and if autofocus tracking is also used, subjects can be tracked as they about within the frame.

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Tutorial: Autofocus issues Photo

Tutorial: Autofocus issues

Steve Perry of Backcountry Gallery has posted a tutorial on troubleshooting problems with autofocus. The 14 minute video covers issues with lens calibration, dirty AF sensors, wrong AF modes, AF guide inaccuracy, heat refraction, using the wrong AF point, dirty lens contacts, and poor technique.

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