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Backscatter reviews the Panasonic LX100 II Photo

Backscatter reviews the Panasonic LX100 II

Wetpixel sponsor Backscatter Underwater Photo and Video have posted an excellent review of the underwater performance of the Panasonic LX100 mark II compact camera. The camera features a Micro 4/3 sensor, significantly larger than the 25 mm sensors on most high-performance compact cameras. The review notes that using wet lenses allows for a sufficient range of focal lengths and that the wide angle performance of the camera was found by the reviewers to be very good.

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Job opportunity: Marketing Manager @ Backscatter Photo

Job opportunity: Marketing Manager @ Backscatter

Our friends at Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo are seeking a Marketing Manager to oversee the all company’s marketing tasks. The position is based in Monterey, California and they are ideally looking for someone to start in early February.

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Backscatter launches Macromate Mini Photo

Backscatter launches Macromate Mini

Backscatter has announced the release of their Macromate Mini Underwater Macro lens for the GoPro HEROS 3 and 3+. Constructed of aluminium, the lens can be attached to the company’s Flip 3.1 bracket when attached via a 55mm threaded adaptor. The Macromate Mini reduced the GoPro’s minimum focus distance to around 3” (75mm).

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Preview: Lightroom 5 beta’s “Visualize Spots” feature Photo

Preview: Lightroom 5 beta’s “Visualize Spots” feature

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a preview of the new “Visualize Spots” feature in the Adobe Lightroom 5 beta. The mode, designed for identifying lens and sensor dust spots, opens the image with a black and white mask. The amount of detail that is shown can be controlled with a threshold slider. Adam has found that the mode is an amazing way of finding backscatter in images.

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Backscatter releases the AirLock Photo

Backscatter releases the AirLock

Backscatter has released its AirLock vacuum system with. This offers the option of being able to manually verify that a housing is watertight, by creating a vacuum and maintaining a vacuum within the housing. Backscatter acknowledges that “most camera housing floods are preventable with good assembly technique but say that the vacuum system will prevent issues when “even the most experienced shooter can get in a rush and make a fatal error

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