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Video: Diving into the Unknown Galaxy by Fan Ping Photo

Video: Diving into the Unknown Galaxy by Fan Ping

Filmmaker Fan Ping has shared a beautiful short film entitled “Diving into the Unknown Galaxy” which documents his friend Songda Cai’s obsession with capturing blackwater images. It was filmed in Anilao, the Philippines last May, on a RED Helium with a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II.

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Season 3 of Tales by Light goes to air Photo

Season 3 of Tales by Light goes to air

Canon Australia has announced that season 3 of the Tales by Light photography series is airing on Australia’s Network 10. The series focuses on individual photographers who are “motivated to harness the power of images to draw attention to and inspire the world to protect some of the most beautiful and vulnerable aspects of our world: children, the ocean and Australian Indigenous culture.”

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Film: Before the Flood Photo

Film: Before the Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio, in conjunction with National Geographic, has released a film entitled “Before the Flood”. The film outlines the challenges facing environmentalists, the planet and all of us in terms of climate change. During the film, he investigates possible solutions to what the film portrays as an impending crisis.

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Rob Stewart’s Revolution released online Photo

Rob Stewart’s Revolution released online

Revolution, “The Evolution of Life and the Revolution to Save Us”, directed by Rob Stewart of Sharkwater fame has been released and is now available to download. Featuring some stunning wildlife and underwater footage, the film charts Stewart’s journey charts what he describes as “the biggest movement in history” as he charts the growth of environmental awareness and activism worldwide.

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