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Shout Out for Lionfish Footage Photo

Shout Out for Lionfish Footage

Submarine pilot Erika Bergman is building a lionfish tracking/detection computer vision program that will utilize machine learning to locate the animals. In order to train the model, she is seeking around 100 10-second video clips of lionfish from a variety of locations, times of day, viewing angle, etc. If you have clips in your video library, please get in contact with Erika via email.

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Whole Foods set to sell invasive Lionfish Photo

Whole Foods set to sell invasive Lionfish

Whole Foods markets, in their bid to offer sustainable seafood options, will sell lionfish at the seafood counters of all west coast locations within the next six months. The chain hopes to eventually expand the sale of lionfish to all 431 locations in the future. In their native habitat, lionfish serve an important role in the food chain. However, since being introduced to the Caribbean the population of the invasive fish has grown exponentially.

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Lionfish found at depth off Florida Photo

Lionfish found at depth off Florida

The submersible Antipodes has just found significant concentrations of invasive lionfish (Pterois sp.) at depths of between 100 and 265 ft off Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The fish are very efficient predators and since 1985, when they were first sighted in Florida, have been out-competing native species for prey.

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