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Anglerfish announces HD57 monitor Photo

Anglerfish announces HD57 monitor

Anglerfish Creative Lighting has announced its AFCL-HD57 monitor. Designed specifically for underwater image-makers, the 5.7” IPS screen with full 4K resolution. Integrated into a waterproof housing, it has a separate battery compartment that uses a Sony F970 battery. It is shipping with a shade, ball mount, cable, bulkhead, and bulkhead adaptor.

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Amphibico to release 5.6” HD monitor Photo

Amphibico to release 5.6” HD monitor

Amphibico has announced that they will be releasing an HD monitor in 2015. It will feature a 5.6” (14.2 cm) 16:9 IPS display that will run off 2 18650 Lithium Ion Cells. Connection is via HDMI and it will mount on all Amphibico, Aquatica or other housings.

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